Frilansjournalist och statsvetare

The Japan Times

Solar panels in a wide winter landscape

A powershift pushing from below

Locally owned renewable power stations in Fukushima Prefecture are challenging the status quo in their push for a nuclear- and fossil-free future in Japan.

Two Shikoku pilgrims walking in the countryside

A journey in the spirit of Japanese culture

The 88 temples of the Shikoku pilgrimage offer a unique door into the island’s culture and the Buddhist mind.

Yasha Yukawa, Japanese Swordsmith and Custom Bladesmith.

”The sword expresses the Absolute”

Swedish-born Yasha Yukawa had to surrender himself to endure the tough path to becoming a swordsmith in Japan. 

Kenji Yoshikawa’s quest for answers

The permafrost scientist, Kenji Yoshikawa, has walked, sailed and snowmobiled to places where few people have been. Now he is raising reindeer in Alaska, hoping they will take him across the Arctic.

Murray Carter, 17th generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith, Portland, Oregon, USA. Photo: Christina Sjögren

Japanese bladesmithing crossing borders

Lacking other heirs, the 16th generation Yoshimoto bladesmith passed on the lineage to his Canadian apprentice, Murray Carter, who successfully has created an international interest for his unique knives.

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